Friday, May 1, 2009

Beehives & Zombies

God I wish it wasn't rude to just take random pictures of people in public it rude? Well, I didn't. But I can say 2 things for a fact at the close of this day. 1. I'm pretty sure zombies do exist and they live in Caruthersville, MO 2. I have completely eliminated Caruthersville from my list of places I would like to live. It's possible that I may be jumping to conclusions after only visiting the McDonald's and the Old-School Walmart...but I doubt it.

I love the drive from Memphis thru Mississippi down 55. It's really beautiful, it is nice to drive and just see trees without gaudy billboards studding the landscape.

Note to self: Look up the genius who decided to make the Lambert's (home of throwed rolls) billboard upside down.


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