Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 Great Links For Creative Inspiration

Although I mostly work out of an office I am still largely isolated and sometimes just need that little extra zazz to get the creative juices flowing. For me it always seems like the oddest, most random thing gives me the spark I need to make an ok project GREAT. Here are 5 great links that I recommend to get YOUR creative ON.

1. Hey! Play with your food!! Here is a link to some amazing sandwiches that are sure to inspire!
2. We all could learn from spaghetti sauce. No – this is not advice from my Sicilian Grandfather – but a nice TED talk by Malcolm Gladwell.
3. Who knew coffee mugs could be so inspiring? Here are a few that are sure to make your morning more interesting. My personal fav is the dunk mug.
4. Here is a beautiful list of websites that use texture to their advantage – just gorgeous work!
5. I’m a big fan of Adobe Kulercolourlovers is taking it to the next level by adding characters to the color schemes! Fun Stuff! WARNING: The first one is called buttstache - If you have an 8 year old they may not let that one go!

There you go! I hope you find some inspiration today!


  1. Found this from ProBlogger Forum....

    I like the interesting sandwiches the most...very good collection of interesting, strange or disgusting food in some cases. Good list and planning to stop by more often

    Just Added the Top 5 Fail Gifs to my blog.

  2. Missy, these are great. Thanks for sharing. Anyone who find inspiration from coffee mugs and ColourLovers is good to go in my book. I especially like the mug with the "cookie cubbiehole".

  3. On a side note you should add an inline comment form to your blog. That way people can make a comment right on the same page as your posts. If you want to know more just give me a shout.

  4. Ha, this looks great. Nice job on the comment form placement :)

  5. The coffee mugs was my favourite link. Now if I can find someone to make me a creative sandwhich and bring me coffee in an interesting mug, I'll be in heaven.

    (linked from problogger)

  6. i was inspired by the sites that use textures. Wow. Great list and see ya at pb.com

  7. Those sandwiches are so cute. I'll have to try that with my son's lunch.