Thursday, April 16, 2009

The best piece of furniture in the history of man-kind.

I am SO jealous. This so me. I originally found it on dudecraft, which I love - even though I'm not a dude. I agree with Paul - "you're killin' me Jenny Kompolt!

I can tell is going to be my new favorite site.....there's some dreamy stuff on there folks! Like this sweet button tray, or this feature on great crates. I'm going junkn' on Sunday for sure! The great Pevely Flea I come.

Speaking of the great Pevely Flea Market...This is a place where childhood memories are born. It's a drive-in theatre -turned-Flea-Market. My Mom and Dad used to drag us out of bed at 7am to walk and walk and walk the dusty gravel pathways of the flea market. Oh how I hated those days. All I wanted was a beautiful feather (roach) clip for my hair...sigh...innocence lost. You could also stock up on your chinese stars & $3 sunglasses there.

Now - it's go time. Get your knee-highs and oxygen tanks ready....the bargains await!

P.S. kudos to the custom feather roach clip maker! The diagram of choices is classic, man.


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